Causes and treatment of an Oily Scalp

By Jim Smith |

Causes and treatment of an oily scalp

An oily scalp is the second most common skin problem found in young men and women after dry skin. People who have oily skin complain of a wide range of problems which include having everything from oily hair and itchy scalp to pimples and scalp acne.

An oily scalp contains excess oil which is why it causes all the above mentioned problems. The excessive amount of oil present in the skin attracts dirt and germs which causes itchiness and pimples. Moreover, the dirt accumulated in the oil also makes the face and the hair look dirty.

There are many causes which can result into an oily scalp. The most common of them all is heredity. There is a certain hormone present in the genes which causes oily skin. This hormone, Dihydrotestosterone, is genetically transferred, so if any member of your family has oily skin then it is highly likely that you will have the same too.

Hereditory disorders cannot be terminated but can be reduced. In order to reduce the effects of this hormone a person can take certain precautionary measures like taking extra care of the skin and hair. Shampooing regularly and using creams designed for oily skin is also one effective method of keeping away oily hair and pimples caused by oily skin.


Another major reason why people end up having an oily scalp is because they do not take proper care of their hair. It has been proven that poor hygiene can also increase the production of sebum (oil) in the scalp. If the hair is not shampooed and conditioned every few days, the scalp starts producing extra oil which is not absorbed completely by the hair which results in a rise in the amount of oil in the  hair.

The best way to avoid having excess sebum production caused by poor hygiene is to take good care of the skin and hair. Shampoo your hair at least three times in a week and use good shampoos and conditioners so that the scalp does not produce extra oil.

Oily scalp problems are often encountered by young people when they reach puberty. Hormone production increases when a person reaches the age of puberty. These extra hormones are sometimes released from the skin in the shape of sebum which increases its production in the body. Medications and drugs which help in reducing the release of the hormones through the skin can be used to stop the extra sebum production.

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